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  • CybaCAST Additive
    Laser Powder Deposition in simultaneous 6-Axis

    CybaCAST Additive

    Cybaman Additive Technologies

    New in 2018

    CybaCAST Additive

    CybaCAST Additive


    CybaCAST Additive



    CybaCAST 6-Axis Laser Powder Desposition


    HyperCAD v2018

    Cybaman Additive Technologies

    Cybaman's CybaCAST Additive manufacturing system uses the CybaMILL 6 Axis base machine, less than 1m2 footprint, installed with a Laser Deposition head.

    Using the CybaCAST Additive you can build 3D metal parts easily and quickly using CybaCAST additive technology. Generate 3D build paths with the latest HyperCAD software to drive the machine.


    • Additive: 400W - 1Kw laser
    • Blown Powder Deposition Nozzle
    • Build Rates : 0.5cm 3/min (30cm 3/hr)
    • Automation : Pallet Changer options