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  • CybaMILL 2020 Linear & CybaCAST Additive
    combined in one versatile 'Hybrid' machine

    CybaCAST Hybrid

    Cybaman Additive & Subtractive Technologies

    New in 2018

    CybaCAST Hybrid

    CybaCAST Hybrid


    CybaCAST Hybrid



    CybaMILL 6-axis milling


    CybaCAST 6-Axis Laser Powder Desposition


    HyperCAD v2018

    Cybaman Additive Subractive Technologies

    Cybaman's CAST Hybrid manufacturing system combines Laser metal deposition and high speed milling in one versatile machine with a footprint of less than 1m2.

    Using the CybaCAST Hybrid you can build 3D metal parts easily and quickly using CybaCAST additive technology, then rapidly finish to a high quality surface tolerance with the high speed milling spindle. Generate 3D build paths & milling strategies with the latest HyperCAD software to drive the machine.


    • Additive: 400W - 1Kw laser
    • Blown Powder Deposition Nozzle
    • Build Rates : 0.5cm 3/min (30cm 3/hr)
    • Subtractive : High Frequency Milling Spindle
    • Automation : Pallet Changer options