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  • CybaMill 2020

    High-speed, performance compact milling machine

    New in 2018

    CybaMill 2020

    CybaMill 2020


    CybaMill 2020



    • Precision ball screws


    • Linear sealed encoders


    Linear and torque motors.

    High Precision & Performance Milling Machine

    • Multi-Axis : 4, 5 or 6 Axis variants
    • Compact footprint: 1000mm x 800mm x 1800mm
    • Rigid epoxy resing fibre granite structure
    • Direct Drive Linear and Torque Motors( Ultra )
    • Linear Encoders:High accuracy, sealed( Pro/Ultra )
    • Work area travel: X:200mm Y: 200mm Z: 200mm
    • High Frequency Spindle 40 or 50Krpm
    • Tooling HSK-25E with option for HSK-32E
    • Tool Changers: 20, 30 or 40 positions
    • Pallet Changer: up to 60 pallets
    • Part Management: up to 60 trays
    • Coolant options: Air, Mist, Flood

    PC CNC Control

    • High Performance Window 7 control
    • 21.5” wide screen with 1920x1080 HD resolution
    • Rugged industrial design
    • Industry Standard PLC
    • Digital Networked EtherCAT Drives
    • Industry 4.0 Compliant
    • Remote Control

      Machine Frame

      • Compact rigid portal frame constructionNew
      • Epoxy resin granite fibre structure with good vibration damping
      • Thermally stable water cooled frameNew
      • Sealed base for water flood coolant
      • Swalf/chip managementImproved
      • Improved stability and part surface finishImproved

      Linear Axes - XYZ

      Linear Motors, direct drive X, Y & Z AxisNew
      Faster milling speeds
      Absolute Linear scale sealed encodersImproved Accuracy
      1.0um or 0.1um resolution
      High rigidity roller guide ways
      Low Friction, High Rigidity
      20mm Increased Size Rails

      Rotary Axes : ABC

      Direct Drive Torque MotorsNew
      High power & performance
      Rotary EncodersImproved Accuracy
      High Resolution 0.001 degrees
      Zero Backlash
      Integrated CoolingTemperature stability
      Performace with temperature stability

      Spindle and Tooling

      High Frequency Spindle
      40,000 or 50,000 RPM
      HSK-25E with option for HSK-32E
      Water cooling for greater thermal stability and part accuracy
      Up to ø10mm (light Cutting) ø6mm recommened

      Auto Tool Changer

      • 20, 30 or 40 tool positions
      • HSK-25E with option for HSK-32E
      • Sister tooling
      • Completely sealed unit
      • Tool holder cone air blast/cleaning
      • ATC tool loading whilst machine is running
      • Multi-turn absolute encoded motor - no motor phasing or homing

      Laser Tool Measurement

      Cybaman's interated laser tool measurement accurately measures the size of tools before cutting starts, and check for tool damage or breakage during the machining operation.

      Features & Benefits

      • Laser or Switch based tool measurement options
      • Accurate tool Length and diameter measurement
      • In-cycle tool wear breakage detection
      • Automatic tool offset calculation and correction
      • Elimination of manual setting errors
      • Sister tooling

      Pallet Loader

      • up to 60 work pallets
      • Small footprint 1m2
      • Customisable clamping systems
      • Pallet loading while the machine is milling
      • Part capture/management
      • max 10Kg pallet weight
      • Customisable

      Part Capture

      Cybaman's new Part capture & Management can now minimise your production times and help manage your parts through production helping you to ship parts faster to your customers

      • Capture up to 60 parts straight from the machine
      • Recognise you part with QR Code / Bar Code
      • Integrate with your exisiting database part workflow

      Infrared 3D probing system

      • Part location/setup
      • Automatic fixture, job alignment and rotary axis set-up.
      • Self checking of machine kinematic calibration
      • Manual setting errors eliminated.